Unit 5001 Personal Development as manager and leader

You are a manger in a telecommunication company which providing services to customers. You are leading a team of 6 staff. Your line manager would like you to consider your own development needs prior to your annual appraisal and the agreement of a personal development plan for the forthcoming year.
The plan should include a clear rational together with mechanisms to support your team to achieve organization objectives.

Complete personal skills audit against those required of your current and potential future job roles. Produce a personal development plan for the forthcoming year which includes five achievable but challenging SMART objectives, their link to organization objective and how they will support your future career aspirations.
•Explain the importance of continual self development in achieving organizational objective
•Assess current skills and competencies against defended role requirements and organizational objectives
•Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defend needs
•Construct a personal development plan with achievable but challenging goals.

With reference to your personal development plan, explain how you would ensure your plan is implemented including appropriate resourcing and the likely communication channels and protocols involved in securing that resource
Explain how would your manager will assess your success against your personal development plan and how this will contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives.
•Indentify the resources required to support the personal development plan
•Develop a business case to secure the resources to support the personal development plan
•Discuss the processes required to implement the personal development plan
•Evaluate the impact of the personal development plan on the achievement of defined role requirements and organizational objectives
•Review and update the personal development plan.

In your role as manager explain how staff welfare responsibilities can support overall organizational objective. Describe the process you would follow to ensure your team in fully involved and in legally compliant in respect of the maintenance of records.
Explain how staff welfare responsibilities should be communicated to the team and what methods you consider are most effective and why.
•Discuss the relationship between staff welfare on organizational objectives
•Explain the process for assessing staff welfare
•Indentify the actions to be taken by the manager in dealing with a staff welfare issue
•Describe how to communicate responsibilities for staff welfare to the team
•Discuss records that may be maintained to demonstrate that staff welfare is supported.

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