Verbal and non-verbal communication

The Essay Question
Topic: Verbal and non-verbal communication
Preliminary tasks:
(1) Identify two presenters or actors in the audio-visual media (e.g., television, movies internet, on DVDs). Examples include news readers, journalists, talk show hosts, game show hosts, or documentary presenters). Ideally, you should choose people with contrasting styles.
(2) Selected four communication concepts. Two will fall within verbal communication (e.g., powerful talk) and two will fall within non-verbal communication (e.g., clothing).
(3) Research and read relevant academic references. Spend time thinking about these concepts, with particular regard to their use in business or workplace practice. Record the references and note page numbers of specific information (e.g., definitions or key ideas) that you may use in the assignment. Define each concept in your own words without reference to sources (a paragraphs for each).
(4) Watch and listen to the presenters or actors and for each, record their communication style with respect to the four concepts. Take notes and keep a record of the media titles, forms and dates.
Assignment task:
Use and apply the information obtained in the four steps above to answer the following two part essay question:
Using media examples, explain the role of communication concepts in promoting effective communication. Then explain briefly how this knowledge may facilitate good business or workplace practice.
(1) Prepare a time plan for your assignment submission after reading these requirements.
(2) Read the Q Manual <>.
(3) Read the assignment assessment criteria.
(4) Cite multi-media using APA format (for your persons chosen). If you don’t know then Google’ it to find out. Work out how to reference the unit text with respect to the actual authors.
(6) List your references found in APA style before you start the essay. Why not use the EndNote program? See:
(7) Think about then do a plan for your essay structure. Be cognisant of the word limit. Follow the guidance provided in the Q manual.
when you have logged on you click on Library and if you scroll down under searches you will find All library databases and electronic resources, if you click on that and then again scroll down on the right you will see under Popular databases, Business source premier , click on that and thats where you will have to search for academic journals

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