Walmart’s Corporate Social Responsibility Custom Paper

Your task is to analyse, on the basis of research, a particular company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Your report should identify the strengths of the company’s committment. Be sure to refer to the list of social responsibility issues below. Explain how they are meeting these needs and the positive outcome to society that occurs. Your report should be approximately 500 words in length.

Here is a partial list of the commitments that you should include in your research:

-non-discriminatory hiring, promotion, and retention practices;
-implementing the Persons with Disabilities Act and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act;
-environmental issues;
-customer relationships;
-supplier relationships.
Steps in writing the report

Choose a business. The Industry Canada and Corporate Knights websites are good places to look for a corporation for this report. You can use the links listed on the content page of this activity to access these websites. Communicate your choice of business with your teacher before proceeding.
Gather information about the business? commitment to corporate social responsibility from the business? website, newspapers, magazines and other Internet sources. If you wanted, you could interview, in person or by email, someone who works at the business.
Complete the stakeholder analysis matrix. You will include this document as an appendix to your report.
Write the report. Make sure your report includes the following:
a) title page
b) headings
c) citations (and a works cited page)
d) appendices (e.g. the stakeholder analysis matrix)
Be sure to make use sentence form when preparing the report. It is not enough to use point form.

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