Website validity

For this assignment, determine whether websites are valid or invalid. Each of you has been assigned a keyword to use to perform a web search. From that search, you need to find 5 websites that you evaluate to be valid and credible and 5 websites that you evaluate as invalid and not credible. Remember to use the four basic criteria ( the domain, author, internal information, and date published) to assess and evaluate each site. List and explain your reasons for labeling each site as valid or not. You will have a total of10 websites listed.

This assignment is an exercise in Evaluating Internet Sources as covered in this week’s reading, “Using the Library and the Internet” (Chapter 21).

When complete, you will submit your group paper to your own individual dropbox in Assignment 3.1.

Collectively you will create the list and determine validity. This assignment does not have a length requirement. It should be as long as it takes you to identify the website, identify the four basic criteria for the site, and then write a paragraph (2 or 3 sentences) explaining why that site is valid or invalid.

TOPIC: asteroid

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