Why Marriage Divorce Rates Are Increasing




October 3, 2011

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Why Marriage Divorce Rates Are Increasing

Marriage has always been considered as a sacred union between man and woman with each playing a role in the matrimony. Today the meaning of marriage is changing with many people having little regard for it. Marriage is supposed to be a happy union meant as a life companionship for the couple, and providing social support and emotional satisfaction. However, for two people to live together there must be good understanding and perseverance. Today many marriages have fallen apart due to many reasons resulting to divorce especially due to changing times. The advancement in modern life such as the advocacy for equality between man and woman where women are liberated, coupled with changing laws, changing roles for women, individualism, and ease of marrying and divorcing have led to the increase of divorce rate in the modern society (divorceguide.com, 2011).

Today, women and men are all equal in the eyes of the law, and all are entitled to equal opportunities without discrimination (articleclick.com, 2011). Today, unlike several decades ago, women are entitled to the same education as men, equal employment opportunities and ownership of property where anybody has a right to own what they can irrespective of their gender. Several decades ago, women in most parts of the world never owned property nor did they get equal education levels to men. Women were taught about housekeeping, laundry and cooking, which are household chores. Therefore, they remained at home waiting for the man to provide. Today, women are independent and do not have to rely on a man for upkeep. Hence, in case the marriage goes wrong or becomes unsatisfying they opt for divorce to live alone with their children especially when it is considered that most women retain custody of children. Previously women would remain in a failing marriage since they had no means of living on their own and thus divorce was less likely (divorceguide.com, 2011).

Today laws are changing, becoming more relaxed and allowing divorce to occur easily. In America, divorce can be obtained without having to prove fault of the partner. Today the law has recognized divorce and goes ahead to make provisions for it, ensuring that both parties are represented equally in the divorce proceedings. There are clear rules suggesting division of property among the parties, and where children are involved, women no longer fear having to support them considering the law requires the man to provide for the children through paying upkeep money to the mother. This encourages women to file for divorce when they fill unhappy in marriage and probably want to be free again

Today, marriage has changed from formal to cohabiting where a couple enters into an agreement to live together like man and wife, without having to go through the traditional marriage where families would come together in a ceremony. Young couples who are not legally married can live together as boyfriend and girlfriend, which was never openly allowed before. This has led to a changed notion of marriage where people no longer regard it as a sacred tie between man and woman. Today, various forms of arrangement have been considered as marriages in order for people to establish families (Stevenson & Wolfers, 2007). Divorce has become just a simple task of signing papers where the lawyer is left to make all arrangements as long as all parties to the marriage have decided to move on with a divorce. With a divorce this easy and couples craving to find freedom from their unfulfilling marriage, divorce comes in as the best solution to end their problems. Very few people today consider fighting to save their marriage through tackling the problems at hand. Consequently, this has contributed to serial monogamy marriages where couples divorce before thinking of settling their differences only to realize their mistakes later and remarry again.

In retrospect, the increase in marriage divorce rates has been caused by the changing society that human beings live in today. These causes have led to diverse forms of marriage and social systems to deal with modern life. Today, single parenthood is on the rise with many children lacking fathers as a role model. This has an impact on children who are young and who do not understand the basic structure of a family. The configuration of the family today has broadened where single families are considered as a normal family today. In addition, more households with a single person are arising everyday unlike in earlier times when families stuck together. The causes of an increase in divorce rates has been largely due to changing roles of women in the modern society where today’s women are independent and do not need to rely on men for upkeep. Today, anybody can live by himself or herself and there is no need for women to stick in unhappy marriages.



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