Workers Security in Oil and Gas Industry

Following the recent deadly attack in Algeria of the workers of the British energy company BP PLC, more questions were rising about the security of employees in these high-risk oil regions. Workers are worried about their personal safety and pressure is been putting on multinational energy firms about the measures to take. This dissertation will view the major cause of such a terrible event, following by an identification of the ethical issues in place to finally provide some probable alternatives to be held in the aim to secure employees security. Here is a link :

The essay is based on the the course ‘CONTEMPORY ISSUE IN MANAGEMENT’
The essay should include ethics ,Globalization , Power and politics. Bellow is the important guidelines to follow:

A successfully completed assignment will be consistent with the following guidelines:
? Be appropriately structured, written, presented and referenced (using the Harvard style)
? Feature an appropriate contemporary management issue with sufficient currency, substance and relevance to this course and its learning outcomes (properly justified) to merit analysis and debate
? Feature and make substantial reference to a range of theories and concepts
? Engage in a critical debate which evinces deep insight into an contextual awareness of the topic in hand
? Word limit: 2000

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