Workflow Analysis & Scheduling Assignment

1. Provide a brief introductory summary of the project from your project definition and brief narrative statements that link the charts, task result list, and narrative described below.

2. Analyze your project definition assignment into at least 18-25 tasks; complete a task/result list. (or use one of the larger complex work packages)

3. Create a PERT chart showing task dependencies; highlight the critical path.

4. Create a Gantt chart to show a reasonable schedule for the tasks.

5. Identify and describe five (5) scheduling constraints (e.g., "Store is open only on Sunday") that drove your schedule. Be sure you describe constraints – factors that determine when on the calendar you must complete a task (do not reiterate "dependencies").

6. Explain the specific risks you would encounter/avoid with (choose 1) a front-loaded, rear loaded, or level schedule.

Criteria: • Follows all rules and conventions of PERT, Gantt, etc. • Is clear, specific, and detailed • Is complete: does not overlook critical tasks • Consistent: PERT and Gantt match • Identifies realistic constraints

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