World regional geography- Summary/Response Papers

you will be assigned a country –Poland that we are going over in class during that portion of the semester and write a paper profiling the country. Papers should profile the country be providing information regarding the topics listed below. You should be using reliable sources (newspaper articles, government websites, journal articles, etc.) and you will need to include a list of references used.

Physical Geography (Climate, Natural Resources, Topography, etc.)
Population Characteristics (Age and Sex Characteristics, Density, etc.)
Cultural Characteristics (Language, Religion, Customs, etc.)
Political Characteristics (Type of Government, Political Parties, etc.)
Economic Characteristics (Types of Economic Activity, Quality of Life, Infrastructure, etc.)
Current Events (What are some of the current issues that are going on in this country?)
Thoroughly and accurately covering the topics will be worth 40 points. The remaining 10 points will be based on grammar, organization, style, and appropriateness of references.

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