Write critical papers that make arguments salient to the students’ reading of the texts in question Custom Paper

Write critical papers that make arguments salient to the students’ reading of the texts in question.
Demonstrate familiarity with the diversity and backgrounds of American cultures.
Demonstrate critical thinking and reading skills when reading and responding to texts.
Demonstrate understanding of how cultural and political movements have affected the literary arts.
Demonstrate a broad understanding of the dynamics and literary diversity of various genres, including prose, poetry, and drama.
Demonstrate understanding of the role of women’s works and works
from a feminist perspective within the tradition of American literature.
Assignment Overview

This assignment requires the student to use critical thinking skills to interpret the reading
assignments in terms of social and cultural context.

Essay (A minimum of 500 words, not to exceed 1000 words)
Activity Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Compose an essay answering the following question.
Although Lowell is referred to as the father of confessional poetry, For the Union Dead is more traditional in that it is about ideas rather than Lowell’s own personal issues (as opposed to Skunk Hour or Plath’s Daddy, for example). Consider Lowell’s comparison of the sacrifice of the 54th Massachusetts with the deterioration of the monument on the statehouse, the statue of the Union soldier; also consider the advertisement for safes. What does he seem to think about American progress in the early 60s? Use a word processor (such as MS Word) to write your responses in the form of an essay with a minimum of 500 words; not to exceed.

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