1984 orwell

Instructions for the Literary Theme Paper
Write an essay interpreting some literary aspect of 1984 such as character, setting, plot
structure, point of view, or literary motif. Aim to convince readers that your view of the story is
interesting and adds to the ongoing conversation among those who read and write about this
novel. Back up your interpretation with reasons and support from the story. If you need help
starting this assignment, review Chapter 10 in St. Martin’s—with special attention to pp. 545-
As will always be the case, this assignment is to be in APA format: 12-point font, Times
New Roman typeface, one-inch margins, etc. This assignment does require that there be a
reference page even though you may only be citing the novel 1984. However, keep in mind that
there are plenty of essays about this novel floating around in the Spring Arbor University
databases. Citing a published scholar adds rhetorical weight to your paper. Your essay must be
between five and six pages long—not including the reference or title pages—to be considered
complete. Incomplete assignments will not be graded. Peer reviewing of this assignment will
take place in Week 4. Be sure to bring at least two copies of your draft on Week 4 because I
would like a copy as well. I will not be grading the draft; I want to look it over so that I can give
you some feedback. The final draft will be due in Week 5.

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