Alzheimer’s disease

In this paper, you will provide an overview of the change/disease, the modifiable and unmodifiable risk factors associated with the disease or change, how the impact of the change can be minimized or the risk of developing that disease reduced, and treatment options available for this disease. You will also incorporate how medical advancements and technology have influenced this disease/change.

This paper should integrate information from at least 5 different sources (e.g., scientific journal articles, newspaper articles, textbook). At least 3 of these sources must be from sources citing scientific research (e.g., scientific journal articles, NIH website, CDC website, etc). Your paper should be approximately 4 to 5 pages in length, excluding a cover page with your name & topic of the paper. The length may vary slightly as some students will write more concisely than others. Each paper should be written in Times New Roman (12 pt font) with 1” margins and double spaced. Proofread your paper carefully before submitting, as a portion of your grade will be based on the clarity and quality of your writing. Make sure you include a works cited or reference list on a separate page at the end of your paper.


Overview of the physical change/disease: In this section, please provide a description of the disease or physical change what physical changes occur with this physical change or if someone is diagnosed with this disease? Briefly explain why you chose this physical change/disease. In this section, also include background information about the change or disease (when does onset generally occur, what percentage of the population is affected, etc.)

Risk factors: In this section of the paper, identify the risk factors for this physical change or disease. These may be modifiable (things you can change behavioral and lifestyle factors) or unmodifiable (things you cannot change factors determined by heredity/genetics). Why are individuals with these risk factors more likely to experience this physical change/disease? Is there something about these risk factors that makes them more susceptible? In this section you can also address whether adults can reduce or minimize their risk of this disease. If they can, integrate how they can do this into your paper.

Treatment Options & Medical Advancements: This section of the paper should focus on how the disease/disorder is treated. In this section, address how advancements in medical technology have influenced the treatment of this disease. Are scientists currently examining ways to cure or treat this disease? What are some promising directions for the future?

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