An Indicative Prevention Intervention Program to Decrease Presenting Symptoms in School-Aged Children Struggling with the Adverse Effects of Bullying Custom Paper

All Final Projects, regardless of their format, must include:
•a minimum of ten references (in addition to any course readings that you may wish to reference);
•a justification of the issue, problem, or concern that you selected and the type of project (prevention, intervention, or consultation) that you developed to address it;
•an analysis of the evidence-based research related to the intervention(s) or treatment method(s) that you chose;
•a description of your target population, stakeholders, and participants;
•a description of the data collection and analysis methods that you will use for the needs assessment;
•an explanation of the project goals and how you will assess them;
•an action plan, including the tasks to be implemented;
•an analysis of possible challenges to implementation and how they may be addressed;
•a description of how your project will influence social change.
Note that each of the above components should include enough detail so that an individual in a community, agency, or organization can clearly understand the purpose of your project and how you will implement it.

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