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Argumentative Essay
For this essay, you will be required to construct an argument concerning a controversial topic. You may choose any topic that does not hinge upon a moral argument (such as abortion or gay rights). You must make a claim, support your claim, and consider and refute arguments that oppose your claim.

For this 3 – 4 page essay, you will not be using outside sources. Choose a topic that you have an OPINION about, and think about the ways you might support that opinion. (The attached outline should be useful for prewriting and for evaluating topics.)

Please be aware that failing to adhere to the instructions for this assignment may result in the assignment being rejected outright and WILL RESULT IN YOUR EARNING A ZERO FOR THIS PAPER.
Papers less than 3 full pages in length will receive a ZERO.
Papers containing more than a few grammar, punctuation, and usage errors will receive a ZERO
o This includes sentence fragments, fused sentences, comma splices, misspellings, etc.
o It’s the end of the semester; you should be demonstrating your competency.
Papers that are in any way plagiarized will receive a ZERO.

This essay is worth 100 points, which will be broken down as follows:

Introduction 10 points
Title, Lead-in (Hook), Thesis, Essay Map
Body Paragraphs 40 points
Topic Sentences, Transitions, Organization, Logic,
Development (Content)
Conclusion 10 points
Summary of Main Points and Thesis, Development
Language Usage and Proofreading 30 points
Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics, Word Choice
Proper Formatting 10 points
TOTAL 100 points

Proposed Essay Title_________________________
Thesis and Background:

I. Introduction
A. Lead-in or hook

B. Background

C. Thesis and essay map

II. Argument
A. Main Point #1

B. Main Point #2

C. Main Point #3

D. Opposing Viewpoint/Counter Argument

III. Conclusion

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