Appraising Your Rights vs. Another Person’s Rights

For each of the scenarios listed below, please formulate a response. Your response should include; but is not limited to the following:

Assuming the role as principal, please provide a response to each day and outline in a narrative format what steps you will take.
Support your responses with case law and peer-reviewed journal articles where applicable.
Remember your actions must be grounded in best practice and supported by case law in the event your actions become media worthy on a local or national level.
References (5 scholarly resources minimum; but other appropriate sources can be included!)
It is a busy week, but you are prepared for any situation:

Monday During your morning classroom visits you pass by Ms. Johnson’s classroom. The children are quietly reading during the twenty minute silent reading time. You notice all the children are reading their books, while Ms. Johnson is sitting at her desk reading also to set the example of reading for the students. As you walk over to Ms. Johnson to whisper hello you notice she is reading the Koran, Torah, or Bible. As principal, what are your next steps? Is this an issue? Please justify your response.
Tuesday You are walking the halls as the students are in their classrooms getting ready for the day. As you are passing Mr. Greens classroom, you hear over the loud speaker; “Please stand for the pledge.” As you stop in the hall to pledge to the flag you witness Mr. Green, as well as a few students sitting at their desks. This action takes you by surprise and you speak with Mr. Green during his prep-period about why he is not standing for the pledge. You share how he is a role model for the students and standing for the pledge is a traditional routine for all teachers. Mr. Green informs you that he refuses to lead the class in the flag salute because it violates his religion and he shares if some students do not want to pledge, he is not going to force them. As principal, what are your next steps? Please justify your response.
Wednesday You receive a phone call from the superintendent regarding the new 3rd grade special needs class which was created in your school last week. The class was created to accommodate an increase in the special needs population who were recently classified. The superintendent stated that he realizes the classroom meets all state mandates, but he states some of the special need parents are outraged that the newly created class was placed in the basement; the only available space in the building. The parents said they are going to hire an attorney and bring legal action against the district because the class is sub-standard, alleging it is separate, but not equal and violates their student rights. One parents asked; “Why are the special need students in the basement and not the gifted and talented students?” As principal, what are your next steps? Please justify your response.
Thursday Things are quiet …………………….
Friday John and Lisa approach Ms. White the 5th grade teacher and tell her that they think Sam has a knife in his school bag, but they are not sure. Ms. White brings this situation to your attention. You ask to see Sam in your office and ask him if he has anything in his school bag which may hurt another student. Sam replies, no. As principal, what are your next steps? Please justify your response.

Length: 4-6pages (app. 350 words per page)

Your responses should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing, current APA standards, and include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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