Art History paper

here’s what the assignment is and it talks about a link and here it is:




I have included a URL above to provide you with the foundation for the research paper due on March 5th. Here are the instructions for the paper:

1.  Read the link.

2.  The assignment is as follows:  The paper is to be at least 8 pages.  After reading the article I sent you, you are to do the following:

a.  Assume money is no object and you have a vault at the FreePort.

b.  Choose 6 works of art – one from the 15th century; one from the 16th century; one from the 17th century; one from the 18th century; one from the 19th century and one from either the 20th or 21st century.  These are works of art that you can purchase (no questions asked) for your private collection, to be stored at the FreePort. These can be  paintings and/or sculptures, in any combination.

c.   Using published or dependable online resources (EXCEPT WIKIPEDIA) describe each of the works: artist, date, style, interesting facts, etc.   Remember to footnote any outside sources and include them on your works cited page.

d.  Based on what you read in the attached article, explain your choices.  WHY did you choose that particular work of art? Why did you choose that artist? What is it about the style that attracted you?  What are your interpretations of the work? Why was it important that you have this work in your personal collection?

e.  Now that you have your collection safely stored in your vault, present a compelling argument for why or why not YOU think this type of art “collecting” is ethical, legal, fair, moral, etc.  Remember that for each piece of art you collect, you are depriving the public of ever appreciating it firsthand.  Is this the right thing to do?  Would you feel guilty?  Why or why not?

f.   The paper is to be typed in Times New Roman in nothing larger than 12 pt. font, with margins no larger than 1 inch on all sides.

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