Case Analysis # 2

Paper instructions:
From a given case or hypothetical case scenario, analyze the case/scenario In the analysis, identify relevant legal issue(s), analyze and apply relevant legal concepts, describe legal outcome(s), and provide legal rationale for conclusions.

Case: Connie was employed by the Beaufort Distributing Company. She worked at an off- site location keeping track of the inventory in that facility. Connie was the only female in the building and Milton, her supervisor, subjected her to constant verbal abuse. He used vulgar language to refer to women and told lewd jokes in her presence. Additionally, Milton commented on her breasts daily, usually asking if he could touch them and offering to allow her to leave early if she would let him look at them. After 7 months, Connie couldn’t take it anymore and quit. She never complained to Milton’s supervisor about his behavior.

Explain what Connie must prove in order to maintain a claim for sexual harassment and constructive discharge. Discuss how Beaufort Distributing Company would defend against this claim .

Please also employment laws in the

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