CEO of a Company

Choose a Canadian public company (not RIM).  Assume you are the Chief
Executive Officer and you wish to make your company look as attractive
as possible to raise $1 million in cash to expand the business.  At
the same time, you want to give potential investors a reliable and
relevant picture of your company.

1.    Your assignment should portray your company in a way that will
enable outsiders to reach an informed decision as to whether to invest
in your company.  It should include the following:
a.  Name and location of your company.
b.  Nature of the company’s business.  Be specific and detailed to
provide a clear picture of the nature, history, and future goals of
the business. The future goals must be ones you come up with and not
those stated in the company’s annual report.
c.    How you plan to spend the money you raise.
d.    The company’s comparative income statement, statement of
retained earnings, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows for two
years: the current year and the preceding year.

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