Changes in the U.S.

One of the most influential events in American history began in 1929, with the stock market crash. This event initiated a period of economic retraction and stagnation now known as the Great Depression.

In your project document, compare the Great Depression to one other economic downturn in United States History from the list below.

Examples of economic downturns include the following:

Panic of 1837
Panic of 1893
Post-World War I recession
Include the following in your comparison:

Describe how the Great Depression was similar to the selected economic downturn.
Describe how the Great Depression differed from the selected economic downturn.
Analyze the reasons that led to the 2 events.
Identify what factors helped end these 2 events.
Analyze how the Great Depression changed American politics and society.
Format your response using APA document guidelines, to include a title page, abstract page, content, and reference page. Citations and references should use APA style standards. The following grading criteria will apply to this assignment:

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