Character Analysis

This assignment will allow you to explore one of the characters whom we have read about so far this semester.  Please select one character from Beauty Queen of Leenane, one character from The Merchant of Venice, or one character from Equus.  You may choose a major or a minor character, but you should choose one that you will be able to write about in some amount of detail.

In an analytical argument, decide whether or not your chosen character is dynamic or static.  Remember, a dynamic character changes as a result of his or her experiences while a static character does not.  Develop a thesis that specifically answers the question: is your chosen character a dynamic or static character and why?

You will need to develop a specific line of reasoning to help prove your point.  Your best bet will be to develop a series of “because” statements and use them as guidelines for your topic sentences.  IE.  “Maureen is a dynamic character because…”  You should have 4 or 5 “because” statements in order to give your argument credibility.

Please use the PIE format to develop your body paragraphs and use textual evidence (direct quotation) to illustrate your ideas.  By the very nature of PIE, quotations should appear in the middle of a paragraph, not at the beginning nor at the end.  Each quotation must be integrated using some form of attributive tag.  “Dropped quotes” are not acceptable.

You will be required to construct a Works Cited page for this assignment according to MLA guidelines.  I will not accept any essay that does not have one.  You do not need to use outside sources for this assignment.  These must be your original ideas.  Do not use SparkNotes, CliffNotes, etc.

Your essay will be assessed on the following criteria:
1)    Development of a thesis statement that answers the question posed
2)    Development of a specific line of reasoning that proves the thesis
3)    Specific topic sentences that provide reasons for the thesis
4)    Use of the PIE format to organize and sequence your ideas
5)    Use of the MLA format and Works Cited page
6)    Avoiding excessive summary; you are writing an analysis
7)    Depth of critical thought, creativity, and originality
8)    Grammatical accuracy

The essay will be due in stages: outline, rough draft, and final draft.  You must complete all stages in order to receive full credit.  All rough drafts must be reviewed by the Writing Center by the specified date.  Please refer to the syllabus for additional information about grading.
Final drafts should be roughly 5-7 pages in length.

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