Church Health Case Study

A case study will be completed as part of the course. The paper should be submitted according to standard procedures for Submission of Assignments.
Students will write a paper as though you have completed the following–Use your imagination!!!:

? Select a local church as the subject for your case study (select a church which you know you will be given a substantial level of access to the senior leadership of the church). This may be the church you attend or any church you choose ? some students find it easier to complete this assignment with a church they do not attend ? it?s your decision.

? Imagine you have professionally interviewed 3 church leaders, with at least one being a pastor or the Senior Pastor of the church. Your ability to ask insightful questions in the interviews will be evaluated as a part of this assignment. Include one page that lists the interview questions as an Appendix to your paper.

? Write a paper of 2000-3000 words which includes:
1) Background and Church Information: Briefly describe the background and current picture of the local church including its growth patterns, leadership, size, etc.,
2) Analysis: Evaluate and explain how the seven elements of a transformational church are evident in your subject church as explained in Rainer and Stetzer?s textbook. Your analysis should address all seven elements and apply a rating (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the strongest).
3) Strategies: Include appropriate strategies for implementation designed to address the elements that need improvement.

? Include an Appendix with the interview questions used with the church leaders.

? It might be helpful for you to view yourself as a church consultant making recommendations based on the knowledge you have acquired through this course of study. Your analysis and strategic recommendations will be key contributors to your grade for this assignment.

The quality of research, analysis, strategic focus, and written presentation will determine the student?s grade. Appropriate citations from your textbooks, a Works Cited/References, title page, introduction, conclusion, and section headings are required.

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