commerical law

Keep your answers short and to the point and be sure to answer each part of each question.  Organize your answer, proof and spell check.  I look for your use of appropriate legal terms.  Underline and define the terms and/or link to appropriate UCC sections.

Your client, Educational Resources Inc., recently decided to upgrade in several ways: 1. It contracted to have its office system networked and every person’s office now has a workstation supposedly appropriate for each person’s type of work. 2. It contracted for a dedicated Local Area Network connecting the main office with the branch operating as to office matters and inventory supplies; 3. It has joined Officenet, cloud-computing based information management system; 4. It has purchased a software system which is supposedly designed to produce educational tests which Educational Resources can sell. [16/17] None of these systems are working satisfactorily and it wished to sue for breach of contract.

What other facts do you need to know? Would the U.C.C. be applicable?

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