compare math books

You are to explore math textbooks for the school setting in which you teach or plan to teach. Examine the offerings of at least 3 different publishers for first grade. You must then create a chart that includes the pros and cons of each series (1 page minimum). Then, choose the 1 series(book) that you feel meets the needs of the majority of students in that school setting, including students with special needs, general education students, and those with gifts and talents. Then, write a paper (1 page minimum) justifying your choice in terms of standards, content, and interest.

Here are my Professor comments:
For the purposes of this assignment, you are to assume the position of a textbook committee member. Your committee is charged with choosing a single math program that will best meet the needs of all students. Locate at least 3 different Math series for your grade level (current or anticipated) and create a pros/cons list for each. After you have evaluated each of them, choose the one that you think would offer ALL students the best math curriculum. If you are looking at an elementary curriculum, make sure to look at Everyday Math as it is very popular at this time.

In one document, include:
1-An explanation as to your thought processes in determining which series to evaluate, where you located them (school, library, online, etc.)
2-Pros/cons list for each series. You can use a chart format or other graphic organizer as long as the series for each section is clearly labeled
3-Your decision about the best series including a justification. This may include some information from the pros/cons list, but should be “fleshed out.”

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