Criminal Justice

Propose and evaluate the psychological profiles of arsonists, serial murders, rapists, pedophiles, practitioners of autoeroticism, and Satanic and other cult murderers. This Research Paper will demonstrate the student’s ability to research and reason, incorporating the cognitive skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, defense of logic, and conclusions. Your opinion does not determine your grade. Your grade is determined by how well you support your argument utilizing the materials discussed in this course, along with research and reference material you locate. Expand on the text; do not repeat it. References from various sources (i.e., text, academic journals [peer reviewed], professional journals, and web based materials) may be cited, and all must be of appropriate academic quality. Web based citations that are NOT peer reviewed are not academic sources, they may be used – but for background only. Students should use a minimum of five peer reviewed sources for their paper. PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING TEXT AS ONE OF YOUR RESOURCES: Holmes, R. & Holmes, S. (2009). Profiling Violent Criminals. An Investigative Tool

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