Culture significance of a Specific Place in Cookeville.

In this paper I have to choose a place in the city and write about the Culture significance of that place. I’m also required to do 3 interviews with people in that place. Couple of the questions that I might ask would be like :
1 What is the culture significance of this place.
2 What makes you come here.
3 Any certain time for you to visit this place.
4 How often do you visit this place
5 What makes this place interesting to you.
That is an example of the interviews questions.

The entire paper should list like these ideas.
1 Where do people gather
2 Why do people gather in one place or another?
3 Do all places of the same kind- for instance, why would they be different from each other.
4 What are the people like who gather in this place?
5 How is this place significance to the community around it?
6 What does it mean for this place exist in the community?
7 Do you regularly gather in this place? Why or why not?

Here in Cookeville, TN I’ve chosen a Hookah bar because it’s the only one here in Cookeville. But there is no matter to choose another place as long as it in Cookeville city.

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