Data Collection Methods in Clinical Trials

I am requesting a quote for a 40 page self-guided study or research project on Clinical Trials as it relates to Quality Assurance. This is my senior project, and it is vital that I receive an “A” or very high “B” on the paper. I can afford approximately a month of time for its completion, as long as updates in the form of Proposals, Outlines, Abstract, Rough Drafts, and etcetera can be provided in the interim of the papers completion. Again, I must emphasize the importance of the substance of the paper rather than a timeframe for its completion. It is vital that this paper is thoroughly researched and professionally written as any grade lower than a “B+”will be unacceptable.
One topic that I have in mind is “Data Collection Methods in Clinical Trial Studies,” but I am open to other relevant topics if they offer a stronger paper. Guidelines for grading of the paper are as follows:
1. Demonstrates the ability to define and implement a research project that utilizes the Quality Assurance theory and principles.
2. Demonstrates the ability to relate current standards, principles, theories and their application to a Quality Assurance situation.
3. Demonstrates the ability to apply the APA Publication Manual guidelines for the identification and correct usage of reference data, including the accurate listing of references and the citing of these references in the text of the final Report.
4. Demonstrates familiarity with the current California State University Thesis and Project Guide and produce text using the stipulated document format (
5. Free from any traces of plagiarism (paper is to be submitted to

Report requirements should be as follows:
1. Outline
2. Title Page
3. Table of Contents
4. Introduction
5. Review of Literature
6. Methodology
7. Results and Discussion
8. Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations
9. Reference List
10. Appendices
I understand that this is a very large task, so please let me know if you cannot accommodate my requests. Also, please feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your help.

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