Depression in Japan

An important component of this paper is creating a novel goal statement.  A novel goal statement should be:

Creative – after researching your country and corresponding health problem, develop a novel goal which you feel would make an impact
Concise – 1 to 2 sentences
Measurable – we should be able to determine if a goal has been met.
Specific – a goal statement should include one problem and one population.
Realistic (if you are unsure about a goal’s realism, I recommend you review goal statements from Healthy People 2020: .
Contain 4 components within the verbiage of the statement: who, what, how much, and by when (see below for example)
Example problem: Social consequences such as hearing loss among German elderly adults leading to social isolation.

Example goal statement: Our goal is to improve the identification of hearing loss by screening and subsequent provision of hearing aids to elderly adults.  German elderly adults between the ages of 70 – 85 (who) will result in a 10% (how much) increase in screening and hearing aid use (what) within the next 5 years (by when). Notice the goal statement includes the 4 required components: who, what, how much and by when.

Technical Requirements:

400 – 600 words (not including in-text citations or reference page)
12-point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins
All references must be cited appropriately using APA referencing.
Use peer-reviewed references or non-partisan data (example: World Health Organization). Be wary of non-credible sources or biased sources.
Less than 20% of the word count should be direct quotes
Content Requirements:

Background information about the country
This information should include important issues that pertain to this health topic. Some examples based on the above health example of hearing loss among German elderly include, but are not limited to: access to health services, population distribution by age, human rights and/or political issues, issues of poverty
Brief description of the health problem
Include risk factors and consequences
Include incidence rates, prevalence rates, death rates, and other epidemiologic data published within the past 15 years.
Goal statement (see above) addressing a way to decrease the health problem/improve health.  It must include who, what, how much and by when:

Who is the target population?
What is the health problem?
How much change do you anticipate? This should be represented by a percent change.
By when will the change occur? This should be represented by an end date.

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