Differentiating for Learning Profile

Differentiating for Learning Profile. For this assignment you will need a lesson plan or unit that includes measurable learning outcomes. You may continue to use the lesson plan from previous weeks, create a new one, or modify one that you have found.

For this assignment, make sure to address the following:

a. Explain and provide possible differentiated teaching strategies (aligned to the learning outcomes) that are appropriate for a variety of students with different learning profiles.

§ Differentiated process

§ Differentiated product

§ Differentiated content

b. Explain how you will create a classroom that supports multiple ways to learn.

c. Discuss how you will add variety to your teaching.

d. Describe how you will help students develop a repertoire of approaches to learning.

e. Explain how you will help students develop the self-awareness needed to distinguish when an approach is working for them versus when they should change their approach.

Remember to identify the grade level and content area, as well as the learning outcomes and all possible levels of student readiness. There is not a page or length requirement for this assignment, however be sure to address all elements listed above, and provide the proper APA citation for any sources that you use. Include a title page and reference page(s).

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