Discuss argument that a liberal democracy is a dual system of power as advanced by McPherson (1995)

no intro or conclusion. just write the 850 words on macpherson.
Format- This assignment should follow essay format. This means that arguments and ideas should be developed and articulated in themes that logically connect together into passages or paragraphs. Bullet points do not constitute an essay.
Organization – the essay must have an introduction that clearly states the purpose of the paper, including the central thesis or key argument. It must also end with a conclusion that summarizes the main arguments that run through the paper and what the essay has achieved/not achieved. The body should be subdivided into relevant sub-headings that follow each other in a logical fashion.
Content – Particular attention will be paid to analytical rigour. This implies that arguments should be developed in ways that relate to other seemingly disparate ideas to arrive at astute conclusions. It also means that arguments should be well balanced and situated. Where applicable, use examples to underline and bring depth to your arguments
Sources – You must cite at least 5 peer-reviewed journal papers in this essay. This is in addition to readings assigned in the course outline. Book chapters and web blogs will count as sources

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