Environment: As a consultant for a hypothetical organisation named Basic energy consultants.

As a consultant for a hypothetical organisation named Basic energy consultants. This organisation offers device for organisation
environmenntal management and related activities.With regards to the changing somewhat " greener attitudes in society and more recent of peak oil : Basic Energy consultants" has decided to analyse the actions of a major oil and gas company in order to judge measures taken towards
sustainability for what is indeed non-renewable products.The chosen company is statoil .
You have been requested to write a report which provides a critical analysis in relation to statoils’s sustainability- related activities
[ paying particular attentiion to their sustainability report titled sustainnability 2011}
You will need to consider how statoils previous and plannnd activities show concern towards that of environmental management and sustainbility on
a continure basis and the measures which they wish to use in the future to act in line with their environmental concern
Your reports should include the following
A critical analysis of the measures which statoil has put in place to show concern of environmental management and sustainability issue relating
to thir bussiness operation
[in line with areas within statoils sustainability 2011 document, mainly from the climate and environment section]
www.statoil.com/en/environmentsocitety /sustainability/pages/default.aspx:
The report should include the following areas
Impact of statoil’s activities on the environment : the
importance of statoil acting in a responsible manners: alternativ energy: acting in accordance with laws”;
warer management”; sustainable shipping strategy :stopping spills {oil spills} :biodiversity " natural gas

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