ethics, deontology and utilitarianism about piracy OR pornography OR censorship Custom Paper

1.The essay is two thousand words
2.The essay is to be on an ethical issue directly related to your program. The issue will be examined from two ethical
theories which can result in substantially different conclusions. For example, the issue of the death penalty
examined from deontology and utilitarianism.
3.The essay is not about your opinions. It is about how two ethical theories would view the topic.
4.The essay is not about the nuts and bolts or history of the ethical issue. Ninety percent of the essay must be focused on how the ethical theories would analyse the issue. For example, an essay outlining the history of the death penalty and its misapplication with a page of ethical theories at the end is not acceptable.
6.The essay itself must reference ten academic sources. These sources must be academic books or articles. Articles must be found through one of Dawson’s academic search engines, such as Jstor.
7.In the bibliography, you must provide a link of the academic search engine results. A click of the link must lead to the results.
8.An article does not necessarily need to be about both the issue and theory. So, a student writing on the death
penalty may reference an article exclusively about deontology and has no direct connection with the death
penalty. For example, an article titled, “Deontology and Illesticity” would be acceptable.

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