Explore a subject matter of a more macro focus that affects the health of clients, specific aggregates or communities Custom Paper

Pick an aspect of health care and provide a description of this system/aggregate/community and current trends related to it and provide a summary with your personal thoughts related to trends and issues of the chosen subject matter. At least 6 references should be utilized it is ok to have a mix of nursing and other fields as sources.
Example topic areas might include: American Indian Health Care system, VA System, HMOs vs PPOs, Medi Cal, Medi Care,Indigent/Charity health care, Mobile Health Care Technology, Genetic testing, Canadian socialize medicine as compared to the US system, WIC, Aging of Society, recent immigration waves, breast feeding in America as compared to Europe, LVN nurses being allowed to sit for RN license after 30 units of course work. Medicare fraud rampant or not

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