fast foods cause obesity

  1. Why fast foods are bad or good.
    1. Should we stop take the kids to fast food restaurants.
      1. The benefits of avoiding them.
      2.   How we can do it.
    2. Should we keep taking the kids to fast food restaurants.
      1. The effects of eating at fast food restaurants.
      2.  How we can do it right.
  2. The responsibilities regarding childhood obesity lies on the parents.
    1. Parents should prohibit fast food.
    2. Some parents work at these fast restaurants.
      1. Their kids should know what their parents doing cause other people health problems.
  3. The government and restaurants advertising are responsible about child obesity as well.
    1. Government can do several solutions.
      1. Put high taxes on unhealthy foods, and fewer taxes on healthy foods.
      2. Free public education program.
        1. Showing people facts and studies about obesity and how it will harm their life because junk or fast foods.


  1. Not allowing Fast Food Commercials duped people on TV.



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