final essay

In an Essay of 3-5 pages, double-space, address one of the following topics, showing a familiarity and understanding of the text, an ability to think about the issues involved, and careful and thoughtful writing. a good paper will show a comprehension of the lectures; a great one will go beyond that and include fresh insight grounded in an accurate and thoughtful grasp of the reading. Support your response with reasons and consider objections.

Paper Topic.
Parties and Factions:
One of the greatest concerns in politics is always the tendency of people to put partisan feeling above the public good. Compare and contrast the treatment of this tendency in Federalist Paper 1 and 10. Washington’s farewell address and Jefferson’s First inaugural address. Can people be expected to stand above party and consider what is to be done for the good of the country? Can a country survive without this?
Source to use: Federalist Paper

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