Fluid and Fixed Mindsets

Fluid and Fixed Mindsets. Souza and Tomlinson (2011) explain, “Mindsets are the assumptions, expectations, and beliefs that guide our behavior and our interaction with others”(p. 19). A teacher’s mindset is of utmost importance in the differentiated classroom. Think about your least favorite teacher and consider what their mindset must have been. Share how you felt in the class and how the teacher’s mindset affected your own well-being and academic success as a student. How did this teacher’s mindset affect his or her teaching? What advice would you give this teacher to help change his or her mindset? Or, think of your own mindset and how it affects the students in your classroom. Do you have a fixed or fluid mindset? Are there areas where you need to improve or change your mindset? What specific strategies can you implement to make your teaching more effective?

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