Future of car presentation

This reflective is about the future of cars presentation which will be attached. (Assure you reflect the presentation well and follow the instruction as mentioned below):
As part of the assessment of this unit, you will be expected to produce a portfolio which is a structured collection of work that you have undertaken throughout the year. It allows you to demonstrate to assessors how your thinking about the future has changed throughout the unit. It culminates in a reflective piece of work that critically reflects upon the effectiveness of the tools and techniques of strategic foresight and how those tools have changed your way of thinking about the future.
Your portfolio should be divided into sections to include:
1. Author Declaration Form (A copy of this is available in the appendices to the Course Handbook and is available from the Course Administrator).

2. A contents page

3. Critically reflective commentary on the effectives of the tools and techniques of strategic foresight and how they have impacted your own thinking about the future
The total word count is 1, 800 words. The commentary should be supported by evidence (see point 5 below).

You should divide your critical reflective commentary into 3 sections. These would normally be as follows:

(i) Introduction– in which you introduce yourself, your presentation topic and your initial thinking about the future.

(ii) Main Body – critically reflecting upon the tools and techniques of strategic foresight and their impact upon your thinking about the future. Ideas from the literature, peer and/or student feedback as well as your own reflections should inform your critical reflection of the approaches and their impact.

(iii) Conclusion – in which you summarise the key themes drawn from the main body and provide conclusions regarding the effectiveness of the tools and techniques used and their impact upon your current thinking about the future.
5. References

6. Appendices in which you include clearly labelled evidence to illustrate points discussed in your critical reflections [see checklist for minimum list of appendices].
Statement about the initial thinking about the future ?
Systems diagrams relating to the group presentation topic* ?
Scenario poster relating to the group presentation topic* ?
Presentation slides relating to the group presentation topic* ?
Tutor feedback sheet on the group presentation* ?

*Whilst these elements of the portfolio are not graded their presence is required for the portfolio to be considered a submission. Their absence will mean the portfolio will be considered a non-submission.
Presentation feedback sheets will be provided by the end of teaching block one to give tutors and students an indication of what is being looked for in the presentations

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