glass menagerie

Write a 5-7 page argumentative essay on Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie. You must make reference to at least three academic (peer reviewed) sources in your essay. The essay must be about how is reality presented in the play? Can we trust Tom as the narrator of the story? How much of the narrative could be a product of his imagination? Are there particular elements in the play that make us doubt his narrative authority? and it must make an argumentative point that aims to convince the reader of your own perspective. Avoid writing a summary of the play. However, you should introduce the play, briefly, at an early stage in the essay. Use Exploring Literature to include quotations from the play, as well as quoting at least three academic sources, to support your argument. Include the textbook and all academic sources used on a separate “Works Cited” page in MLA citation style. Be careful, no plagiarism of any kind.

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