Global Crime Rates Custom Paper

Search any on-line data source (e.g., CIA, Fact book,, U.S. State Department) to find specific country information on the three high-homicide and low-homicide countries listed below in an effort to determine the causes or correlates of these high or low rates, answering the questions below (citing any data you find in these sources):

a. Is there any consistent relationship between levels of education and homicide rates?

b. Is there any consistent relationship between economic indicators and homicide rates? If so, which ones?

c. Are there are other demographic, social, or technological indicators reported that appear to be related to homicide rates in these high- and low-homicide rate countries?

d. Can you offer reasonable explanations for any of the relationships you find (or reasons for the lack of any relationships if none are found)?

High Homicide Rate – Honduras, Venezuela, and Jamaica
Low Homicide Rate – Japan, Morocco, and Austria

This paper should:
Accurately reflects an understanding of the country attributes which might be associated with low and high homicide rates.
Evidence clearly supports substantive points being argued.
Paper’s claims are based on thorough comparative analysis of the facts of the article. Conclusions support analysis and are reasonable and clearly stated.

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