Health article

Choose any health-related topic and Use three different databases.Choose from(PubMed,ProQuest,CINAHL,Cochrane) and find the following types of sources related to the same topic: SAME TOPIC IN 3 DATABASES
ONE Primary source – original research article (empirical study)
ONE Secondary source – research article (non- original research )
ONE Tertiary source – informative article (encyclopedia)
Create an Annotated Bibliography (Word document) – 100 words or less for each source
Begin each annotation with the name of the type of source.
For example: Koller, H. (2012). Visual processing and learning disorders. Current Opinion In Ophthalmology, 23(5), 377-383.This is the primary source article because…. then the same thing with two others databases.
P.S use only databases not google or outside sources

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