Homeland security and emergency preparedness: Emergency planning and incident management Custom Paper

The following government documents serve as background readings for this assignment. You have already read these for class. You may also use other scholarly publications and government documents that address the Incident Command System and ICS briefings. The following documents are posted under ?Course Readings? on Blackboard
National Incident Management System. March 1, 2004.
National Response Framework. January 2008.
ICS100b Student Manual, Aug 2010
ICS 200b Student Manual, Sep 2010
Assignment Instructions:
Each student has been assigned to a group for the class. All members of the team are expected to participate in this group project equally and make one portion of the presentation to be eligible for all points on this assignment. The total presentation should last no more than 10 ? 15 minutes for the group.
Each team will be required to select a scenario from the following list, complete various ICS forms and perform an operational period briefing on their selected scenario. Teams will complete and turn in, applicable sections of ICS form 201, and including assignment of team members to at least one ICS position for which they will develop a PowerPoint slide and brief on that slide or slides. Completion of the following forms is required and any additional information as deemed appropriate.
ICS form 201
ICS form 205a Communications List
ICS 208 Safety Message
A PIO message
An ICS from 214 Activity log will be kept and turned in for the project.
1. Chemical spill at DuPont Plant:
A DuPont chemical tank off Trenton Ave. near Interstate 95 is leaking sulfuric acid. A cloud has formed from the leaking chemical. The wind is blowing toward the Interstate. People exposed may experience irritation to the skin after coming in contact with the agent. If inhaled, the gas will cause severe respiratory and lung problems that may result in death.
2. Metro Station Bombing:
At 6:30 am an explosion was reported in the Metro Center station on the redline under the intersection of 12th and G street. Units from metropolitan PD and DC Fire & EMS immediately responded to the area of 12th street and G Street to find the immediate area of the metro station critically damaged. Due to the magnitude of the explosion and video footage from metro surveillance cameras it is believed that this explosion was a Terrorist Attack. Governor Vincent C. Gray has been notified and is aware of the incident and current strategic plan. The rail car and metro station were filled with pedestrians so the death toll is believed to be in the thousands. The surrounding area is being cordoned off and road blocks are being setup as police units continue to arrive on scene. All pedestrians are being evacuated to Franklin Square. Victims of the explosion are being evacuated to the Presbyterian Church located on New York Avenue.
3. Shots fired at Lee Davis High School:
Student contacted parent via text message reporting names of two shooters (known by many as members of a white supremacy group). School enters Code Blue – complete lockdown. Hanover County Sherriff’s Office notified and reported on scene. Sherriff issues State of Alert. Security cameras within school reveal suspicious package near door #29. Shooters armed with side arms and assault rifles and contained within eastern side of building. There is an unknown # of injuries, but multiple shots have been fired.
4. RIR Explosion:
At 21:37 a bomb exploded in between the Winston and Commonwealth sections during the Sprint Cup race, killing approximately 300 people instantly. Spectators in surrounding sections are safely evacuating. Some of the seating is in jeopardy of collapsing and a few survivors are trapped in this section. Search and Rescue teams are actively recovering victims from the rubble, the number of injured is rising. Intelligence indicates that there may be other explosive devices on the site.
5. Hurricane Hanna:
The National Hurricane Center is reporting this morning that Hurricane Hanna has strengthened into a dangerous Category 4 storm and it?s tracking North West toward the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Models indicate possible landfall over the region as early as Thursday morning. The Governor is not taking chances and has ordered the evacuation of all citizens and tourists in low-lying areas of the coast. Interstate 64 lanes have been reversed for evacuation over a 500,000 people are evacuating from the coastal regions. Local highways are already jammed with traffic, and some gas stations have already run out of gas.
6. An Earthquake:
7. A Major Snow Storm:
8. A Major Fire or Forest Fire:
9. A Tornado:
10. An Other disaster of your own design:
Operational Period Briefing: Suggested Agenda
1. The Planning Section Chief reviews the agenda and facilitates the briefing.
2. The Incident Commander presents incident objectives or confirms existing objectives.
3. The current Operations Section Chief provides current assessment and accomplishments.
4. The Operations Section Chief covers the work assignments and staffing of Divisions and Groups for the upcoming operational period.
5. Updates on conditions affecting the response (weather, fire behavior, environmental factors).
6. The Safety Officer reviews specific risks to operational resources and the identified safety/mitigation measures.
7. The Operations Chief briefs on areas such as Air Operations (if activated).
8. Specific Section Chiefs/Unit Leaders present information related to ensuring safe and efficient operations.
9. PIO provides media release.
10. The Incident Commander reiterates his or her operational concerns and directs resources to deploy.
11. The Planning Section Chief announces the next planning meeting and operational period briefing, then adjourns the meeting.
This assignment is worth 10 percent of your course grade. Criteria for grading will be completion of all elements of the assignment; creativity and logic, following instructions, grammar, punctuation and spelling on the PowerPoint and forms turned in.
The assignment is due the last week of class when the presentation is given. Turn in all forms and E-mail a copy of the PowerPoint after your briefing. There is no makeup for this assignment. Failure to participate with your team either by not giving your presentation portion of the assignment, not having a PowerPoint or not participating in the planning and development of the project will result in significant grade reductions.

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