Huckleberry Finn

Choose One:
Suggested Essay Topics
1. Is Huck an innocent child through the novel, a jaded kid through the novel, or does his level of innocence shift throughout?  Argue for one of these points and, if you choose the one that shifts, point out the place(s) that happens and why.

2. Huck struggles at times about whether he is a ‘real man’ or not.  Using the novel, define what it means to be a ‘real man’ using Huck and various other characters and determine whether or not Huck fits that definition.

3. Compare and contrast the environment on shore and the environment on the raft.

4. Discuss Huck’s view of religion.  You can either discuss his application of the Christian religion, especially his idea of two types of Providence and the characters that represent each type. OR you can explain what Huck’s basic belief system consists of.

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