In Thirteen Days, Robert Kennedy

In Thirteen Days, Robert Kennedy (especially the chapters “Some of the things we learned…” and
“The importance of placing ourselves in the other country’s shoes.”) and Arthur Schlesinger Jr. (in
the foreword) mention why they thought the John Kennedy administration’s handling of the Cuban
Missile Crisis was successful. In an essay approximately 500 words (2 pages) in length, cite and
analyze 3 reasons why Schlesinger and/or Robert Kennedy thought negotiations were successful.
This essay is due on Wednesday , March 6.
Submit your essay on paper, typed, double-spaced, and using a standard font (12-point Times
New Roman, for example) and standard margins (no more than 1.25” on the sides, top, and
Good essay format requires: 1) an introductory paragraph that explains what the essay is about
(including a thesis statement about the Kennedy administration’s successful handling of the crisis),
2) 3 body paragraphs—one for each of Robert Kennedy’s reasons, and 3) a concluding
paragraph that summarizes what the essay was about.
While it is permissible to quote from the book, you should have no more than 6 quotes from it and
none of the quotes should be longer than 10 words in length. The bulk of the words in the essay
should be analysis in your words or your paraphrasing of Robert Kennedy’s words. When you
quote or paraphrase from the book, indicate the page number of the quote in parenthesis
immediately after the quote.
Example: John Kennedy thought it was important that the United States not put the
Soviet Union in a situation in which “she lost the respect of her own people and countries
around the globe.” (97)

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