LDR 531 (Week 4) Learning Team Assignment / Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams *

Your Learning Team is the management staff for a contracted customer-service call center of Desert Communications Inc., a major wireless telecommunications organization. Each manager has no more than 10 employees to manage, and he or she oversees the operational output of his or her team. Each employee performs a series of functions including providing customer support, responding to service inquires, and answering billing questions. Employees are encouraged to offer additional services to help maximize the profit of Desert Communications but are not required, per their performance reviews, to do so.

Because of a change in the communications industry, Desert Communications’ net profit has declined. Because demand for communication products has declined, Desert Communications has begun a strategic movement to reallocate their resources to capitalize on the added services of the communications industry. Examples include phone insurance, additional minutes, roadside service, and so on. To do so, they have asked your team to integrate strategies that would help generate the profit needed. Aside from evaluating your employees on customers’ satisfaction ratings, you must assess your employees based on the percentages of services they can sell during each service call.

Write anaction plan of no more than 1,750 words in which you consider ways to present the upcoming operational change to your employees while answering the following questions:

·  Which methods will be used to present the operational change?

·  How would you develop a training that conveys to multiple audiences within the organization?

·  How will group and team collaboration facilitate the success of training?

·  What tactics will be used to identify and minimize conflict?

·  What kind of collaboration among the employees and management affect the success of the operational change?

·  How will management use work teams and work groups to facilitate the upcoming operational change?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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