Learning Style Debate

Learning Style Debate. The four aspects of learning profile are controversial. Highly respected researchers argue vigorously for the existence of cognitive styles or intelligence preferences. Other noted psychologists argue that the construct of cognitive style or intelligence preference makes little sense in terms of learning. In this discussion, we will briefly debate the validity of both arguments. First, find your assigned ―Debate Group‖ below.

Debate Grouping (by first letter of last name):

A-L: For cognitive styles or intelligence preferences

M-Z: Against cognitive styles or intelligence preferences

Debate Process:

Using the information in the course text and from additional sources in the Ashford Online Library, develop an argument that supports your assigned side and post it to the discussion. Then respond to at least one peer from the opposite group with a critical evaluation of his or her argument. Propose one or more counter-examples to highlight weakness of the disputed argument, or ask for additional evidence to support the viewpoint. Finally, post your own (personal) opinion based on the arguments, research and your own experience(s). Explain what you believe is the best way to differentiate for cognitive styles or intelligence preferences.

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