Linear programming word problem Custom Paper

Work the linear programming word problem below. You must have Solver on your computer or use the computers in the Business School computer labs. You should have a formulation computer page as discussed in class (all matrix work done on computer), two linear programming data formulation sheets (one before execution and one after), an answer report, and a computer typed explanation sentence interpreting the results. The answer report that is generated by the computer will have the date and time the program is run and is required in order to receive credit for this project.
Linear Programming
A candy company makes three types of candy, solid-center, fruit-filled, and cream-filled, and packages these candies in three different assortments. A box of assortment I contains 4 solid-center, 4 fruit-filled, and 12 cream-filled candies, and sells for $16.40. A box of assortment II contains 12 solid-center, 4 fruit-filled, and 4 cream-filled candies, and sells for $18.60. A box of assortment III contains 8 solid-center, 8 fruit-filled, and 8 cream-filled candies, and sells for $22.00. The manufacturing costs per piece of candy are $0.03 for solid-center, $0.04 for fruit-filled, and $0.06 for cream-filled. The company can manufacture 4,800 solid-center, 4,000 fruit-filled, and 5,600 cream-filled candies weekly.

How many boxes of each type should the company produce each week in order to maximize their profits? What is the maximum profit?

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