Love Medicine

Your first essay will be on one of the stories you have read. In order to get a good grade for original thinking (above a “C”), you need to choose one of the stories we did not use in the discussions for this week. Any of the other stories in the book will be fine. You get to choose. After you have chosen and read the story, you need to do a short critical analysis paper. This does not require you to do additional research, but it does require you to develop an assertion about the story. You can talk about the effect the story has on the reader (you), the timeliness of the plot (do things like that happen now?), the perspective of the narrator or story teller, or any dozen other ways of looking at the story. However, you may not tell just the plot. Your expectation is that your reader will have either read the story, or will want to read it based on your essay. There is no reason to read a story if you already know the plot.

The essay will be about two pages long. It will have an introduction which will make an assertion (thesis) on how you view this story. (The better the thesis, the easier the paper.)

Next will come several paragraphs discussing the assertion, giving evidence to support it (using specific details from the story, quoting or paraphrasing as appropriate.)

Then, finally, will come the conclusion which will summarize what you have said, and restate your assertion so the reader knows exactly what you mean in the essay.

You will also need to cite the story in the text and at the end of the essay in a Works Cited page. Look up how to do so in your handbook. One hint I will give you is that the anthology is already cited in your syllabus, so using that while putting the story author’s name and then the title of the story in quotation marks before it will get you started. I will work with whatever you give me, if you just give me enough to work with.

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