1. Product name? Which brand name will you use? DANONE HERBAL

2. What is the product? Herbal tea

3. Packaging description?

4. Who will buy it and why? Single or multiple segments?

5. Primary characteristics?

6. Auxiliary characteristics?

7. Utilitarian/ Hedonic?

8. Nearesrr competitors?

9. PLC planning? (product line cycle planning)

10. TOP 3 External environmental factors & why?

11. Is your product inelastic? Elastic?

12. on what basis will the price be determined? (cost-based, customer-based or competitor based?)-why?
13. Depending on which one you go for, what would your actual pricing strategy be? Why?

14. how about competitors pricing (have you done your research?)

15. will the price stay constant or do you expect to vary it during the PLC?

16. will there be an introductory price (a sales promotion)? If so, how will they get customers to pay the full price after the promotion?

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