Movie Paper CMN 2650

A number of movies are helpful in illustrating the concepts of organizational communication. Select a movie (from the list- or, if you feel very strongly about choosing another movie, please email me with the title so i can approve it, or guide you in another direction). Watch your film all the way through (even if you have seen it before, watch it again!). The go through you text and choose 5-6 concepts/theories/terms to relate to your film. Make these connections in an essay including what each concept is, explain it thoroughly so i know you fully understand it, and then make the connection to the film using quotes or explaining sciences.

Pre-approved list of movies
-Couples Retreat
-Toy Story 3
-Enemy of the State
-Major League(1)
-The Devil Wears Prada
-Transformers (1-3)

For example, if i might watch a movie and see a classical management approach, also culture issues and bureaucracy. I would use Fayol, Schein and Weber and include themes and quotes from the film to emphasize theses approaches. Try to have fun with it!

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