My Dream House

May include: Introduction then paragraph about the outside of the house like the pool in how its the shape of a star, slide and diving board waterfalls over rocks and hot tub. Then the patio with a movie theater tv and grill with a bar that has a chocolate milk dispenser and snacks. Lastly, a go karting place and the go karts look like lambos, mustangs and mercedes. Then the third paragraph of the inside of the house. The bedroom has a extra extra king size bed. The fish thank as my wall and sharks, whales, dolphins and sea horses in it. Also a 3D flat screen tv 100 inches and it drops own from the ceiling. Next, neon lights everywhere that are pink and purple. Then the kitchen theres servants as monkeys the appliances are top notch the best food. You have to dacne to cook the food. Theres also a flat screen tv 80 inches and a smart house lady. Thirdly, the dining room the chairs are all gold some white gold the chairs recline out and there massage chairs. Next, the living room with a flat screen tv in it with live wallpaper and a water couch. With a game room that has pool and tennis with video games. Also a 3d flat scene tv 80 inches and ten of them. Lastly, a walk in closet for all of the shoes and clothes. Then i need a conclusion, you can add lots of details it has to be 12 font double spaced and 3 pages. Im in 10 grade so make it my level.

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