Newspaper Analysis (Written report) Custom Paper

1- The report about Macro Economics and the article is (Employment in detail) and its link is here

Employment in detail

2- Evaluate the article using Economic concepts. You should include
• The essence of the story (2 to 4 paragraphs): Introduce the issue,
who is interested in it and why.
• The economic analysis (8 to 10 paragraphs): Explain how you can present the issue in terms of economic concepts and theories
you have learnt in class.
• Explain your view (2 to 4 paragraphs): Explain what actions you would recommend to the key players and/or policy holders.
• Explain how the above analysis supports your conclusion (1 to 2 paragraphs).
3- You may provide graphs/charts/diagrams where necessary to enhance your presentation style.
4- The copy of the article is required to submit it with the assignment.
Marking Criteria
1- Critical thinking skills.
2- Clarity of writing and ability to express your ideas.
3- Ability to use economic concepts and theories in the context of the news article.

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