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The Affordable Care Act was enacted in March 2010 and was designed because of rising healthcare cost and the increasing number of uninsured Americans. The Affordable Care Act  is a policy designed to aid the increasing number of  uninsured individuals in The U.S. The Affordable Care Act will expand healthcare coverage to those eligible and improve quality of healthcare in the U.S. by 2014. The Affordable Care Act will not only be based on health care access but health care performance as well. A prominent example of  performance regulations in the Affordable Care Act is the accountability provision, which holds providers of health care accountable for unfair practices. (Medicaid.gov, 2013)

1) Health care expansion- One of the advantages of the Obama health plan deals with Medicaid expansion. States such as NY will receive more funding in order to supply more low income individuals with public health insurance (Healthcare.gov, 2013)
2) Healthcare extension- Health care coverage will be extended for young adults. Young adults can be covered under their parents plan until the age of 26 (Healthcare.gov, 2013)
1) Cost- The annual cost of healthcare by 2017 will be 4.3 trillion dollars. (Shaw & Magaldi, 2010)
2) Uncertainty- With all the money being spent there is no certainty that health care providers will cooperate (Shaw & Magaldi, 2010)
1) Partnership-increase partnership with health care providers (Whitehouse.gov, 2013)
2) Innovations-The Obama health care reform have encouraged innovation methods that could improve quality of care for individuals on Medicaid and Medicare. 17 new initiatives have been implemented. (Whitehouse.gov, 2013)
1) Cost and benefit- cost can exceed benefit. The U.S spends more money on health insurance than Canada, France, Germany but the life expectancy in the U.S.  is lower than in other countries (Shaw & Magaldi, 2010)
2) Obstacles-Insurance companies in order to gain profits might increase their premiums (Shaw & Magaldi, 2010)

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